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Scottsburg High School (IN) Baseball
Scottsburg High School (IN) Baseball


June 12th - 14th
Location: Warrior Field; Scottsburg HS Campus
Entering Grades: K - 6th
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Cost: $50
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The Scottsburg Warriors Baseball Staff has announced their Summer Camp. Future Warriors will get a chance to work directly with the varsity coaches to develop their baseball skills and fundamentals. Coach Tormoehlen will be using most of the drills and techniques he used with his college players at the D1 level. All 3 days will consist of 2 sessions: SKILLS CAMP and GAME CAMP Each session is detailed in more depth below.

Skills Camp | 9:00am - 12:00pm
Pitchers will learn the steps of both the delivery from the wind-up and the stretch. They will get a chance to work on multiple types of pitches…including the 4 and 2 seam fastballs, and change-up. Proper warm-up skills and drills will be taught as well. Campers will have an opportunity to develop their pick-off skills as well as the technique of holding on runners.

  • Catchers will learn the 2 different catching stances used  at the higher levels. They will get an opportunity to work on receiving, blocking, and throwing drills. Proper receiving skills, blocking techniques, and throwing fundamentals will be taught throughout this session.
  • Infielders will learn the proper ready position, fielding stance, path to the ball, hand placement and how they work. Footwork and throwing skills will be taught and developed throughout this session. Outfielders will learn how to correctly catch fly balls and field ground balls. Proper ball routes will be taught as well as the “crow-hop.” Campers will be put through multiple drills to practice and develop the correct fielding skills and fundamentals.
  • Campers will be taught proper set-up; including feet width, knee bend, hand placement, etc. The process of the baseball swing will be taught and practiced…from load and stride to swing and finish. Multiple drills will be used to develop each part of the swing. Campers will have an opportunity to work on their baserunning skills. Beating out an infield hit, running a double, rounding first, leading off, and stealing a bag will all be covered in the baserunning session.

Game Camp | 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Campers will be split into teams and a variety of games will be played. Offensive, defensive, and total team games will be played. Campers will get an opportunity to play multiple positions as well as learn the importance of being a good teammate and sportsmanship.